Ms. Cosca is wonderful! She got me out of jail the next day and took care of everything. My family was recommended to her by a friend. She came to the jail and met with me and right away I knew I had a Guardian Angel by my side.

I know how hard she worked on my case and the results are that I got out jail the following day (what nightmare) and she kept me from going back. And, I avoided a record.

Things I love about her and her firm:

1. I can always get hold of her.
2. She talks to me not down – and is there to help not preach.
3. She knows what she is doing.
4. She explains what is going on in ways that are easy to understand.
5. Everyone in the courtroom loves her – the judge and the prosecutor.
6. She is very smart.

If you get in trouble and it’s serious trouble go to Rebecca Cosca.