Ms. Cosca represented me in two matters related to the same incident. First I had been served with a temporary protective order with a final protective order hearing scheduled. Lots of scary stuff in the document(not to mention it being served by the county sheriff’s deputy at 3 am on a Saturday). Anyway I searched on the internet and found these ratings for Ms. Cosca and I called her. She immediately put my mind at ease, told me what the situation was and how we would handle it. Anyway the protective order was dropped. About a month and a half later I started to get junk mail from what ended up to be around 40 lawyers and bail bondmen. I called Ms. Cosca to see if she might know what was up and she was able to find out that I had been charged with second degree assault due to the incident. Two months after it had occurred. I didn’t even get served until a couple of weeks later. I never would have known I had been charged if I didn’t call Ms. Cosca! Anyway I of course hired her again and long story long, the charge was dropped. She is now working to get the charged expunged from my record. So she is two for two with my problems. Anyway if I ever find myself in this situation I would not hesitate to hire Ms. Cosca and of course highly recommend that you do the same.