I love Rebecca and her wonderful staff. She did an awesome job helping me with my case. I do not have a record and I can now put everything behind me now! I went to another lawyer first and he was exactly what I didn’t want. He had no plan but promised that he was the best. He even did this thing where he tried to put his hand on mine saying that he would take care of me like he was some kind of godfather. I actually had to keep from laughing at him.

Rebecca is nothing like that. She is a straight shooter and after listening without interrupting me started to formulate a plan. She laid out what I was up against and what options I had. I knew I wanted her as my lawyer.

She and her staff kept me informed and I met with her many times. And she charges a project fee. I was able to call her and meet with her and go over my case without getting an additional fee. She even spoke with a family member about my case without charging me additionally.

Rebecca was just wonderful and always down to earth and easy to talk with.

Please, stay away from the overconfident patronizing jerks and go to Rebecca. I did and it was the best choice I could have made!