Rebecca Cosca has been very effective representing my case in PG County for my recent indiscretion for services for hire with an undercover policewoman. She has been able to achieve a favorable verdict on my behalf, and then successfully negotiated for me to work a nominal number of community service hours. I was pleased with her ability to reach out to her contacts within the “system”, to help me with a settlement to my liking. Rebecca has been the consummate professional, who has always had my best interest at heart, and all the while exercising the utmost discretion. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Rebecca and would recommend her to anyone who may be seeking representation. Additionally, I would also like to recommend her colleague and partner, Gary Gerstenfield. Gary and I initially met when I had made an appointment. He thoroughly explained the process to me and expressed confidence to have my “situation” successfully resolved. When my case was finally dismissed by the county, Gary personally called me to convey the good news. While that in itself is not all that unique, I should say he did this at 9 PM. I certainly did not expect him to do that, considering it was outside of normal business hours. He did not have to do that, and it is something I will never forget.