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Odds are that you, or someone you know, will be injured in a car accident at some point in your life. But what should you do when the accident is not your fault and you, or a loved one, are injured? Seeking legal advice from knowledgeable auto accident attorneys could potentially save you thousands.

When a car accident results in injury, events that follow often move quickly.  This rapid pace and the desire to move forward, can sometimes result in an injured party settling prematurely with an at-fault driver and their insurance company.  Unfortunately, your future financial needs following the consequences of an auto accident injury can be far greater than you anticipate. You could be facing lost wages, future medical bills, automobile repair and rental car bills. Juggling this load, while trying to recover from your injuries, is a burden that no one should have to bare alone.

At Hirsch and Cosca, we urge all victims to consult our lawyers before signing any legal documents, and before providing statements (recorded or otherwise) to: insurance companies, the police, the other driver, or any other third party.  We also urge you to stay off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and any other social media channel during this time and until otherwise discussed with your attorney.

Our auto accident attorneys proudly service the following counties:

Baltimore City County, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Charles County, Calvert County as well as cases throughout the state of Maryland.

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Immediately following an automobile accident, many urgent details need to be addressed. At the scene of the car accident police officers must gather information about the collision and obtain statements from the parties involved. Families often go into emergency planning, which involves caring for the injured family member by attending to their emotional and financial needs. It’s during this time Insurance companies often move quickly to try and obtain a settlement to avoid paying the full value of the claim. It is for this reason that it is extremely important you have representation to guide you through this complicated process.

In addition to a claim against the negligent driver, you may also have a claim against your insurance company.  When a person is injured by a negligent driver, sometimes they do not have insurance, or, their insurance policy is not enough to cover your injuries.  When that happens, you may be entitled to pursue an uninsured/underinsured claim against your insurance company.  Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is something an individual purchases with their policy to cover them in the event they are injured by someone else and the negligent person fails to carry any/sufficient insurance to cover the damages.  In the event of an uninsured/underinsured claim, your insurance company becomes the Defendant.  As such, it is extremely important to have someone advocating on your behalf, even when it is with your own insurance company.

Over time auto accidents can become financially burdensome as many individual’s experience long lasting ill effects, such as:

  • Ongoing therapy and counseling to address lingering effects of the trauma
  • Physical therapy
  • Adaptive medical equipment, such as a wheel chair or walker
  • Home renovations due to disability
  • Loss of income, present and future, due to lasting effects of injuries

Predicting the monetary value of a settlement in any personal injury case, especially one involving a car crash, can be difficult. Even the most experienced Maryland auto accident attorneys will only be able to arrive at a rough initial estimate due to the number of factors in play when filing a claim. These factors are closely examined by a jury, the defendant’s insurance company, or both. Juries rely on human reasoning, logic, and the guidance of a judge in order to assess these factors, while insurance companies (yours included) use standardized software programs and algorithmic formulas in order to do the same.

Ultimately, any prediction will be predicated on a fact-intensive investigation of the circumstances surrounding your case, including how the accident happened and the injuries and the resulting medical treatment required.

  • Property damage to each vehicle
  • Severity, extent, and duration of victim’s injuries
  • Whether the injuries are related directly to the car crash
  • Credibility of each driver
  • Mechanism of injury
  • Whether injuries are permanent or temporary
  • Pre-existing injuries
  • Subsequent injuries following the crash
  • Time lost from work

By hiring an auto accident attorney, you improve your odds of recovering significantly more than by representing yourself. While some people fear they will be compensated less by hiring an auto accident attorney, an article by the Insurance Research Council discusses that victims represented by attorneys typically recover over three times more than someone who chooses to handle their own claim.

Entering a courtroom alone can be extremely stressful, even for the most confident among us and more so for someone who has experienced the physical and emotional trauma associated with being in an auto accident. Additionally, insurance companies regularly deploy questionable tactics in an effort to protect their profits, including delaying payments or attempting to grossly underpay injured drivers. By hiring experienced legal counsel, you’ll alleviate some of the stress involved in this legal process and maximize your chances of being compensated fairly.

Securing compensation serves two purposes:

  • It provides you with the support you need as you heal and rebuild your life
  • Forces those at fault for your injuries to take responsibility for their negligence.

Obtaining representation from our team of qualified auto accident attorneys also means:

  • Time sensitive evidence will be prepared, preserved and handled in prompt order
  • Your injury and the circumstances surrounding it will be thoroughly investigated
  • You will be prepared and confident if the case goes to trial

Our qualified Maryland auto accident attorneys will help you navigate the intricacies involved when filing an auto accident lawsuit, including but not limited to: ensuring the proper claims and legal procedures are followed and ensuring the appropriate bills and liens are claimed and negotiated.

Sustaining a serious injury as a result of an auto accident can be a life-altering experience, but it doesn’t have to severely limit your future. Whether you were injured as a result of driver negligence, hazardous road conditions, or weather related collisions, you do have the legal right to fight for compensation for the harm and loss you have suffered. If you are suffering from an auto accident related injury in Maryland, contact our auto accident attorneys today for a free legal consultation.

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